Holes Of All Sorts

Blue holes and holes made by man. I thought this was pretty cool. Blue Holes always amazed me. 3 minutes 13 seconds

15,000 Push Pins Made Into A Face

I've messed around with push pins before trying to make pictures out of them but this is incredible to me. 15,000 push pins to make this beautiful girls face. Amazing! 1 minute 39 seconds The song playing in this video is called "Time Catcher". Pretty cool.

Hologram of the Loch Ness or Godzilla

I'm not sure if this is a light and water or a hologram but it's still pretty freaking amazing to me! This whole video is a trip to me? 56 seconds Is it the Loch Ness? Or is it Godzilla? Or even maybe something else? I don't know...

Dust Storm

Time lapsed in Phoenix, Arizona these two photographers Mike Olbinski and Blaine Coury took amazing footage of this common occurrence called a dust storm or sandstorm. Normally this will happen during the monsoon season which is what you see here in this video. The barren desert land meets strong winds that in turn stirs the sand up, reaching thousands of feet into the air. These dust storms can ground flights,reduce visibility and leave people with no electricity.

56 seconds
A "haboob" is a type of intense sandstorm commonly observed in arid regions throughout the world.

Bird That Fishes!

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