8,910 Snow Angels

On December 17th 2007 in Bismark North Dakota, 8,910 people decided they were going to make snow angels all at the same time setting a world record.

37 seconds

A Collection Of Amazing Things

Soccer,surfing,jumping,dunking,dice,beer pong and more.

5 minutes 19 seconds
All to the song by Creed "Higher"


I wish I could juggle like the guys and girls in this video. I have a hard time juggling just three items. Here are some of the best jugglers in the world.

4 minutes 44 seconds
Song by Fatboy Slim "That Old Pair of Jeans."

Lightning Strikes The John Hancock Building

Lightning is both amazing and awesome. Lightning should never should be underestimated. I thought this video was cool because I have been to the top of the John Hancock Building.

When I was a young child lightning scared me. I remember hiding underneath a table when the power went out, not knowing what was going on. Now I enjoy watching it! Funny how things change...

Smart Crows

These birds let humans crack open their nuts by dropping them in traffic.

2 minutes 13 seconds

Lyrebird That Can Mimic Many Sounds

3 minutes 34 seconds
The human sounds that these Lyrebird's can make are unbelievable. This jungle bird can mimic birds,human sounds,car alarms,chainsaws and even cameras.

Need To Cross The Street In A Hurry?

Change traffic signals with this trick someone figured out.

38 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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