Beer Pong

Possibly the best beer pong player to date.

1 minute 17 sec

5 targets in under 1 second

I would not want to be in a gunfight against this guy. 5 targets in 0.88 seconds, very fast.

36 sec

Crash Test at 100 mph

A train smashes into a nuclear container at 100 mph to check it's vulnerability.

1 minute 28 sec

Dog saves dog

After getting hit at least twice, another dog miraculously comes along to save the day.

44 sec

Paper V-8 engine

A V-8 motor made out of paper except for a small motor, a battery holder, a few plastic tubes and electrical wires. Still impressive.

This V8 Engine is the Most Complex Paper Model in the World - Click here for more free videos
14 sec

Bigfin Squid

The way this creature moves is astounding! It moves like nothing I've ever seen before?

Only 13 seconds

The Moon Today

HD pictures of the Moons surface in some detail. It even shows the trash we left behind when we were on the moons surface previously in 1969.

6 minutes 32 sec

Folding Water

Could this be used in the future of electronics?

41 sec

Psychedelic Research and Therapy: A History - Pt 2of5

9 minutes 38 sec

Steam pipe explodes in New York

Lexington Ave and 41st St. July 18, 2007. Video is from a security camera located at the Socony-Mobil Building

1 minute 10 sec

Bad Luck

A must see.

37 sec

Introducing The Amazing Idiot

This guy is lucky to be alive being this dumb!

11 sec

Amazing Legos

Amazing what people can do with a few hundred thousand legos.

2 minutes 6 sec

What we still don't know

I found this video quite interesting.

48 minutes 28 sec

The boy with an incredible brain

Daniel Tammet a savant or not?

47 minutes 32 sec

Awesome Hands

How many people do you think it took to make this face?

Lasershow Animation


1 minute 27 sec

The internet in the past 6 years

(Click to enlarge of course)
Use the F11 key on your keyboard when you get there?

Broadband penetration rates per 100 inhabitants



What is he thinking?

only 23 sec

Aerial view 1945 IWO JIMA

8 minutes 46 sec

Or take a look at UFO'S BEST
by redwinging

and of course below...

Strange Landing

Start watching more closely at about 50 seconds in. The video is only 1 minute 36 seconds long.

Derren Brown goes up against 9 top quality chess players all at once. The amazing part is what he predicts and reveals a little on how he did it. Truly amazing!

9 min 39 sec

Kim Jae Hong

Kim Jae Hong a very talented artist that painted this picture.

Tilt your head to the left while viewing this picture to see more?


Too Close For Comfort

Pictue taken by Dan Cates December 11, 2003, News Director of WKRG-TV in Mobile Alabama.
These pictures are not fake.
This one below was taken by Jeff Miller.
Truly Amazing!
Go to for the rest of the story

Three birds in a smile formation?

Awesome, whoever took this picture?

I like this one!

You've seen shadow puppets I'm sure well this is a little different.
It's hand art.

5 min 42 sec

Crazy snake eats an egg and spits out the shell when it's done.

2 minutes 9 sec

Bike tricks, but this guy makes it look easy?

Wow Just Amazing Bike Trick - Watch the top videos of the week here
1 minute 41 sec

These guys in Mexico are amazing with a soccer ball. This whole time I thought I might be pretty good with a soccer ball? But I'm sure I cannot do a lot of the things they do.
Here is a little taste of how Mexicans like to play soccer.

1 minute 9 sec

Incredible ways of luring prey
Nature is truly amazing to me. I think you will be impressed if you haven't seen this.

29 minutes 1 sec

This is Lasse Gjertsen, he could very possibly be, a musical genius.
I wouldn't mind working with this guy to make up something phenomenal.
(I hope the link is correct?)

3 minutes 12 sec

Lasse Gjertsen is very creative in other ways as well. Just by being himself.

1 minute 21 sec

Here are a couple of stop motion video's that I thought were impressive. The patience they must have to come with these is great.

4 minutes 56 sec

2 minutes 59 sec

Red/Cyan stereo glasses are required to view this correctly.
The first real images of the sun that NASA has released in 3-dimensional views.

49 sec

The Hubble Space Telescope took an amazing look into space where it may appear to be nothing. But indeed there is definitely something and in my mind there is no doubt, that there is other life out there...

In this vast amount of space we live with, there are signs in our sky's at night.

"Deep Field"

6 minutes 38 sec

I don't know if you've seen this, but the guy rides a huge wave and he doesn't fall? That's what I think is amazing!(the huge wave is amazing too)

1 minute 29 sec

The amazing Omni-Directional Treadmill
Very nice!

26 sec

A table that took a little imagination to come up with... I like it!

49 sec

This is amazing but not in a good way?

Different species that may becomes extinct, everyday...

This almost seems unreal how he plays guitar?
He really doesn't care too much, or so it seems?

5 minutes 24 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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