Here Are A Few Interesting Facts

Amazing Facts - Watch more amazing videos here
2 minutes 17 seconds
I especially like the one about octopus's having three hearts!

Underwater Ironing

I had no idea this was so popular?

2 minutes 6 seconds
70 scuba divers from the Bay City Divers Australia. All gathered in a pool at Norlane Waterworld, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. June 19th 2005 Guinness World Records

The Worlds Hairiest Ears

He seems very proud. I'm impressed but it's not a look I'm ready to have yet.

1 minute 31 seconds

The Greatest Pizza Twirler

He definitely deserves a raise for a performance like this.

1 minute 13 seconds

Japanese People With Talent

Arrow catching, numchuck whirling,fish snagging,spitting through cans and bottles. These guys are truly amazing.

Amazing Japanese - Celebrity bloopers here
3 minutes 23 seconds

Plenty Of Pennys

"pyramid style"(2videos)

See the rise and fall of it all...

Alan Pyrcz Walks Away From This Accident

When you see how bad Alan's Subaru is smashed between these two Semi trucks, you'll be amazed he walked away too.

2 minutes 45 seconds

Crystal Girl

Crystals come out of this girls eyes. Unexplainable?

54 seconds

Barber Shaves With His Feet

Nothing like a clean shave right. Or is this maybe taking it too far. Amazing or just plain weird? You decide.

1 minute 45 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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