Bike Lady

I've never seen anyone ride a bike like this.

5 minutes 33 seconds

People moving together

I would have to say this is one of my favorites.

But they are all my favorites!

Let the credits roll BLOG VIDEOS From GOOGLE

I still have no idea who this is?
If you know somehow, it would be great to know who it is? Or even what show the credits roll on?
Your comment would be appreciated.

This guy's good!
He's definatly one of the best.
Makes me think I should practice.

On to Another good player. I'm not sure who it is, but she played on one of the late night show's. She was really good at playing the guitar like this guy. Same style, no pick. I was impressed.

Pickle Light?

This blog so far has more video's than text but I'll work on that. Untill then, if you want, feel free to check'em out.

Electricity is Weird like this?

What a pickle!
Apparently they do this every year, by hooking it up with electricity.
I think it's pretty amazing.
14 seconds

Pogo Dude


Extreme Gymnastics

3 minutes

Bird That Fishes!

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