Longest Trampoline Dunk Ever

This guy from Ninja Warrior slam dunks where many people have failed or hurt themselves badly.

1 minute 16 seconds
I cannot remember his name though?

Popcorn In Slow Motion

I love slow motion! It seems unreal how popcorn pops. Incredible to me...

1 minute 2 seconds
Did you know that without humans around corn would cease to exist!

The AA-12

The future of guns is here, this shotgun is an automatic killer. Made from seven different types of steel so there is very little maintenance. Made for military purposes this gun would tear the enemy apart. As soon as I saw this shotgun it reminded me of the "tommy gun" but obviously more leathal.

6 minutes 24 seconds

World Record High Dive

This next video made me weak in the knees just watching it. Dana Kunze does a staggering 172 foot dive. On his way down he does a triple back flip then into the water with his feet first. A very impressive dive and somehow he ties for the world record. That means someone else is just as crazy as he is!

4 minutes 45 seconds

The Clapper

Just when I think I've seen it all. There is a world record for clapping. Kent French otherwise known as "Toast" holds the world record for 721 claps in 1 minute. That's an average of about 12 claps per a second!

1 minute 52 seconds
I would like to see if the clapper light mechanism could keep up with Toast?

Amazing Ping Pong

Here are two videos of amazing ping pong for ya.

About 37 seconds
If you havn't seen the next video then your in for a real treat.

1 minute and 12 seconds of Bruce Lee kicking but on the ping pong table but instead of using a paddle he's playing with nunchucks! Simply Amazing to me!!!
I wonder how good he was with a paddle?

Rusian Strongman Contest

Weird piercing along with sword swallowing,human table top,bottle walking,human twisting and bending and holding a woman up on a chair with his teeth. Some of it is a bit unsettling but amazing all the same.

John Evans Balances 96 Milkcrates

1 minute 5 seconds
John Evans breaks his previous world record by balancing 96 milk crates instead of 93 milk crates on his head in Hyde Park, London. John Evans is a well known strongman receiving the milkman of the year award in 2001. 96 milk crates weighs 312 pounds! That is a lot of weight to have balancing on your head, especially for over ten seconds.

Sailing Stones

1 minute 54 seconds
Geological phenomenon where rocks move in long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention.

Geologists Jim McAllister and Allen Agnew made note of tracks in 1948 and that is when the speculation began. Is it wind,ice,or even mud? Some say not likely because a lot of the rocks are far too heavy, weighing anywhere up to 700 plus pounds or more(about 320 kg).
Bob Sharp and Dwight Carey started a monitoring program in May 1972. Thirty stones in all with fresh tracks were labeled and stakes were used to mark their locations.

Personally I think it has something to do with the Earth's gravitational pull or some kind of magnetic reaction. Either way it is still a mystery...


(Sorry there is no sound in this video until the end)

3 minute 47 seconds
Ferrofluid is a material originally developed by NASA. It has amazing qualities when magnetized.
The fluid is composed of tiny nanoparticles of magnetic material. Essentially it flows like a liquid towards magnets.


Brian Berg recreates the Olympic Village in Beijing with 140,000 playing cards.

1 minute 14 seconds

Champagne Glass Record


1 minute 19 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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