Beer Pong

Possibly the best beer pong player to date.

1 minute 17 sec

5 targets in under 1 second

I would not want to be in a gunfight against this guy. 5 targets in 0.88 seconds, very fast.

36 sec

Crash Test at 100 mph

A train smashes into a nuclear container at 100 mph to check it's vulnerability.

1 minute 28 sec

Dog saves dog

After getting hit at least twice, another dog miraculously comes along to save the day.

44 sec

Paper V-8 engine

A V-8 motor made out of paper except for a small motor, a battery holder, a few plastic tubes and electrical wires. Still impressive.

This V8 Engine is the Most Complex Paper Model in the World - Click here for more free videos
14 sec

Bigfin Squid

The way this creature moves is astounding! It moves like nothing I've ever seen before?

Only 13 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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