Crazy Tree

I've had this one on the sidebar for a long time and did not realize it deserves a post.
So here it is the "Crazy Tree"

Car Trouble?

Here is a woman who somehow gets her car stuck between two buildings.

Woman Drives Car Into Building Gap - Watch more Auto Videos
4 minutes 8sec

Wheelchair Backflip

Impressive and inspirational.

1 minute 13 sec

Backflip Into Jeans

At the end of the video about 1 minute 20 seconds into it is the final leap into jeans is off a teeter totter. An impressive back flip.

1 minute 46 sec

Origami with Rob Lang

Quitting his job Rob ends up doing what he loves best and that is Origami. Personally I envy the guy.

2 minutes 17 sec

Paragliding in the fog

Paragliding through the fog until a tree gets in the way. Hes got more guts than I...

3 minutes 2 sec

Tongue Trap In Slow Motion

Slow motion stupidity but it is amazing how fast his brain reacts to the pain. At 1000 frames per second his brain responds 90 milliseconds after the trap slams shut.

Slow Motion Mouse Trap Snap - Watch more free videos
44 seconds

The human spider

Climber scales 80 ft. pyramid with ease and then makes it look easy on his way back down.

Amazing Climber Scales 80 Ft Pyramid - Watch more Sports Videos
1 minute 7 sec

Lucky Man

Man wearing a harness but it seems that it was never attached to anything. Very lucky!

Lucky Oil Man Nearly Falls To Death - Watch more free videos
30 sec

Can water burn?

Amazing! WATER CAN BURN! Use Water As Fuel!! - The best home videos are here
3 minutes 30 sec


Spectacular imagery in Turkey.

4 minutes 16 sec

Fiddle me this?

This guy is an outstanding fiddle player.

Amazing Fiddle Player -
3 minutes 16 sec
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Lion Love

After saving the lion 5 years prior, the lion hugs his savior.

39 sec

Video of nature and other catastrophes like fire and avalanches. Lightning,volcanic and lava activity. A close look at the sun and it's power. There is no talking in this video. There is however music by Stephen Pennick though.

4 minutes 23 sec

Young Tigers Vs. Monkey

This monkey clearly has been in the jungle longer and has more experience. As the monkey becomes territorial it teases the tigers until they eventually leave.

4 minutes 31 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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