Size Isn't Everything

24 seconds
The ever popular mistake that the bigger they are, the stronger they are. This video proves that determination and will power can prevail over the assumption of strength.

Blender Fire

Place a lighter in a blender turn it on and this is what happens.

43 seconds

How To Pull A Truck Without Breathing Too Hard?

Of course you have to be somewhat muscular and have plenty of mass to get this rig rolling. Don't forget to be in shape and to stretch or you may pull something else than a truck?

4 minutes 50 seconds

Imagine Having This Job

This guy is a nut, but who else is willing to do such a task?

3 minutes 10 seconds

5 Year Old Blind Pianist

5 year old Korean girl Yoo Ye Eun, plays the piano quite well for anyone's standards. Let alone a blind person. Astonishing talent! Yoo Ye Eun was born blind and was adopted at the age of 3 but that did not stop her from learning to play the piano. Self taught! She can play Mozart,Chopin,Beethoven and more. She needs only once to to hear a song and in turn can duplicate it.

7 minutes 19 seconds

Chimpanzees On Skates

Flipping,skating and jumping around.

2 minutes 53 seconds

Thousands Of Birds

Sunday afternoon in a small Dutch town called Borculo. I have never seen this many birds flying together. I wonder why they do this?

4 minutes 2 seconds

Night Landings And Takeoffs In The Fog

Boeing 747 landing and taking off at the Vienna Schwechat airport.

3 minutes 54 seconds


Using fruits,vegetables and bread this person made up some pretty cool things out of food. Very creative and I think it's amazing because I'm not very artistic like this person obviously is.

1 minute 44 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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