Octopus Escape

39 sec

Horrible Plane Accidents. Some live, some do not.

2 minutes 8 sec

6 Year Old Chung Hoo Ulf Wong
Solves rubik's cube in 37.89 sec!

51 sec

Real or Fake?

Stephen Wiltshire was thought to be autistic as a child. But after seeing this I'm sure he is not. He has an amazing ability to see things only once and then draw them almost exactly. After a 45 minute helicopter ride he draws Rome on a 16 foot wide panorama in a matter of three days!
(The volume seems to be low so turn it up if you'd like to hear)

5 minutes 17 sec

81 skydivers together in a diamond formation, to complete the "starburst". While other skydivers video different angles of them falling away from it.
A worlds record with 81 of them in the diamond shape falling in unison.

(I listened to different music than what is played on the video?)

1 minute 59 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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