I've got to say it? Amazing recovery!
I thought this guy would go down for sure.

Only 12 seconds

Thanks #1Greenthumb
His blogs are worth checking out believe me.
He found this one for me.

Here are two great drivers, that are pretty good I thought.
A lot of trust involved between them.

1 minute 31 sec

Car's doing different things.
Kind of funny!

1 minute 38 sec

Maybe you want to see something different?

Great footage of Hurricane Katrina. From a hotel in Mississippi.

2 minutes 35 sec

Buy the DVD "Battle at the Beachfront"

From the Japanese show Ninja Warrior.(On the G4 channel if you have cable) Magoto Nagano a 34 year old fisherman is the second to complete this obsticle course. Over 500 have tried and failed.

9 minutes 3 secYou might like this?
"Talk About Cutting It Close" or "Unbelievable Ice Sculptures"

Bird That Fishes!

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