More Amazing Facts

Facts on chess,ears,money spent on ransoms,calories in celery,sesame seeds on a McDonalds big mac,ants,beds,The Beatles,vending machines,salt in sea water,saliva,smells,earthquakes,skin temperature,buttock lifts,Saturn,fingers,coffee,fog,icebergs,termites and rock music

I like the fact that termites eat through wood 2 times faster while rock music is being played amazed me!

Facts About The Human Body

Facts on lungs,sun, brain, skin,eyelashes,sneezing,newborns and womens periods.

1 minute 49 seconds
The part on the human lungs I thought was amazing. Not to mention that the body produces 5 times more energy than the sun and a woman's middle finger mysteriously shrinks while she is on her period!?

Amazing Stuff From The 1920's

Inventions and ideas some made it some didn't. This video is actually kind of funny until one guy doesn't live through his invention.

4 minutes 43 seconds

Soccer/Football Skills

Amazing soccer/football skills while climbing a lamp post.

55 seconds

Open The Drapes Will Ya

Chain reaction for the simpler things in life.

3 minutes 17 seconds

Trucks, Busses, and Explosions

These guys actually still make it out alive.

Bird That Fishes!

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