In under 60 seconds this artist spray paints a spectacular picture!
Imagine if he got paid by the hour?

1 minute 17 sec

Three videos all less than a minute...

A Long Tongue!

50 sec

A Big Finger!

57 sec

And A Wide Tongue!

48 sec

I saw this in the newspaper yesterday and knew there must be a video on it.
Man in wheelchair stuck to the front of a semi truck, going at speeds of up to 50 mph!

40 sec

25 of the most interesting creatures from the sea(up till now of course). I've never seen anything quite like them before.

1 minute 13 sec

Chainsaw's with the right people behind them?

1 Minute 58 sec

This guy lives in a house made all from wood... He makes a lot of crazy stuff later on in the video. He is very good!
Apparently he is not a beginner?

Amazing Wood Carvings - Watch a funny movie here

2 Minutes 32 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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