This is Lasse Gjertsen, he could very possibly be, a musical genius.
I wouldn't mind working with this guy to make up something phenomenal.
(I hope the link is correct?)

3 minutes 12 sec

Lasse Gjertsen is very creative in other ways as well. Just by being himself.

1 minute 21 sec

Here are a couple of stop motion video's that I thought were impressive. The patience they must have to come with these is great.

4 minutes 56 sec

2 minutes 59 sec

Red/Cyan stereo glasses are required to view this correctly.
The first real images of the sun that NASA has released in 3-dimensional views.

49 sec

The Hubble Space Telescope took an amazing look into space where it may appear to be nothing. But indeed there is definitely something and in my mind there is no doubt, that there is other life out there...

In this vast amount of space we live with, there are signs in our sky's at night.

"Deep Field"

6 minutes 38 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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