Amazing armless guitar

Tom Petty
Last dance with Mary Jane

2 minutes 49 sec


This guy is crazy.
Watch after the first guy on the bycicle passes. One of the cars bottom right 4th lane.

10 seconds.

A back flip, on a wire.

1 minute and 7 seconds.
That's got to be hard to do.

Devastation. It could happen to you. Directly where your at?

This particular video from google is 4 minutes and 58 seconds.
It's worth it if you have the time.
Decent music to go along with it too.

The Amazing Stop Motion Bookshelf

This one is amazing as far as the time and effort put into it. Tedious work done.
Plus I like it.

Adam Powell says.....
A stop motion video that took me 4 hours to make, I had to move the books 903 times, the books move around and do interesting things.
Adam Powell also says to......
(Please look at his other stop motion and claymation videos)
Type in Adam Powell in google video
And you will see more of him.

Amazing christmas lights

A video depicting an installation of an absolutely amazing set of christmas lights.

I remember this was a commercial, but this video is not a mere 30 seconds to a minute.
This is the whole video.
It is 3 minutes 2 seconds of your time.

Bird That Fishes!

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