What is he thinking?

only 23 sec

Aerial view 1945 IWO JIMA

8 minutes 46 sec

Or take a look at UFO'S BEST
by redwinging

and of course below...

Strange Landing

Start watching more closely at about 50 seconds in. The video is only 1 minute 36 seconds long.

Derren Brown goes up against 9 top quality chess players all at once. The amazing part is what he predicts and reveals a little on how he did it. Truly amazing!

9 min 39 sec

Kim Jae Hong

Kim Jae Hong a very talented artist that painted this picture.

Tilt your head to the left while viewing this picture to see more?


Too Close For Comfort

Pictue taken by Dan Cates December 11, 2003, News Director of WKRG-TV in Mobile Alabama.
These pictures are not fake.
This one below was taken by Jeff Miller.
Truly Amazing!
Go to JameSpann.com for the rest of the story

Three birds in a smile formation?

Awesome, whoever took this picture?

I like this one!

You've seen shadow puppets I'm sure well this is a little different.
It's hand art.

5 min 42 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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