Buffalo Worshiped Because Of Three Eyes And Three Mouths

Three eyes and three mouths on this young Buffalo! You gotta see this! Some weird things happening in Nurpur India. Must be in the water?

1 minute 16 seconds

Prosthetic USB Drive

In Riihimaki, Finland Jerry Jalava lost part of his finger and instead of getting an ordinary prosthetic. Jerry decided to get a USB drive where the missing part of his finger once was.

1 minute 19 seconds
Technology always amazes me!

Underwater Bikes

Way back in September 1994 a former auto worker Andrew Sneath unveiled the world's first underwater motorbike. Although it only goes only approximately 3 mph, it still is pretty cool.

1 minute 22 seconds

Japan Water Fountain

In Canal City this water show is awesome! Amazing how they manipulate the water. The best water show I have ever seen. You must see this!

5 minutes 57 seconds

Amazing Bicyclist

The balance this guy has, is far superior to anyone I've seen.

2 minutes 20 seconds

The Scorpion King

In Jakarta Indonesia this guy Irwan Rachmad spends one full month living with 5,000 scorpions! And people think I don't have a life! It happened in December of 1996, the good ole days. It took Irwan only two weeks to get his 5,000 scorpions together. During his stay he gets bitten up to an average of 29 times per day. Not my idea of a vacation.

1 minute 27 seconds

Alcholic Monkeys?

These Vervet Monkeys developed a taste for alcohol and are regularly taking alcoholic beverages from humans in the Caribbean. The comparison from monkeys to humans is uncanny and a bit funny.

3 minutes 21 seconds

Push Ups Using Only His Index Fingers

This video almost hurts me to watch. I kept thinking his fingers were going to break! It turns out that this is a World Record too.

1 minute 20 seconds
Sure he doesn't go all the way down but I still think that it's impressive.

Ant Colony

When I first saw this ant hill I thought little of it. But then they pour cement into it for three days. Equaling out to 10 tons of cement, finally filling the gap! Here is an interesting fact though, just to make this ant colony the ants had to excavate nearly 40 tons of dirt!

I'm sure there must be better ways to find out what the ant colonies look like? Instead of pouring cement onto their homes immobilizing them in time forever. But in the name of Science people are willing to do anything for more knowledge.

Contact Juggler

It takes him a minute but once he gets into it, he does some impressive stuff with these crystal balls.

4 minutes 42 seconds

Pool Skills

I think it's amazing how he balances the balls on top of each other let alone his amazing shots. His massey shot is incredible! I thought I was good at pool but it's obvious that this guy could beat me or anyone I know, for sure.

5 minutes 16 seconds
Hitting the bank to flip in the coin is awesome! The last shot blows that away though by making the coin into the glass that is about 6 feet away! I'm impressed to say the least...

Deep Within The Oceans

I'll never get used to the world we know very little about. Deep within the oceans is life that is unimaginable to humans. Their brilliant colors(bioluminescent) that glow in the dark seem unreal and the cool depths is like nothing we could even fathom. The pressure they endure everyday is tremendous. A human would be crushed long before it reached these depths yet they can surprisingly adapt to very little pressure and still survive.

3 minutes 27 seconds
Music: Hyme To The Sea, Titanic Soundtrack

Swimmer Wins Race With No Arms

Amazing, this guy takes the lead almost instantly against competitors that have all four of their limbs!

1 minute 2 seconds
I say good for him getting out there even with the odds against him. I'm not sure I'd have the courage?

Bench Press World Record 1010 pounds

Gene Rychlak Jr Benching the world record 1010 lbs. at The APF Metal Militia Memorial Powerlifting Contest. Thats a ridiculous amount of weight to bench press!

1 minute 3 seconds

Train Vs. Tornado

Guess who wins?

2 minutes 1 sec
3:30 PM CST TUE JAN 08 2008

The tornado was rated EF3 on the enhanced fujita scale with maximum winds anywhere from 136 to 165 mph. The tornado had a path the length of 13.2 miles and a max width of about 100 yards.
Simply devastating...

Like To Hacky Sack?

This guy has some skills! I like to hacky sack but I'm still not as good as this guy.

2 minutes 26 seconds
Practice doesn't always make perfect?

Bird That Fishes!

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