Amazing Japanese Tetris Player(Grand Master)

He must be the best in the world! I thought I was good at Tetris but this guy puts me to shame. The pieces are coming down so fast that you can barely tell how his mind comprehends each individual piece?

6 minutes 30 seconds

Worlds Smallest Car

Cute, but I wouldn't drive it on the expressway.

1 minute 6 seconds

World's Smallest Car
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Young Woolly Mammoth Discovered

Found in St. Petersburg, Siberia 2007 this baby woolly Mammoth was discovered almost perfectly preserved, even it's organs remained in tact. It is estimated that its as old as 37,000 years!

White Shark Swallows A Fur Seal

Exploding out of the water the Great White Shark envelops the Fur Seal with ease.

55 seconds

Fire Men Lift Car With Firehoses

55 seconds
They must have been bored?

Best Rock Climber I've Ever Seen

Dan Osmon scales Lovers Leap California, which is about 400 feet in height. It took him 4 minutes 25 seconds! Unfortunately this was his last successful climb. His next climbing encounter turned out to be fatal. He will be missed... RIP

1 minute 48 seconds

Lucky To Be Alive

While skiing down a hill backwards, this skier loses control a bit and nearly falls to his death. His fellow mates suddenly realize the true intensity of the situation and can't help but swear.

1 minute 2 seconds

Amazing Save

He's definitely good at his job.

3 seconds

Balance and Strength

This gymnast is the best that I've seen. I really like the upside down jumping jacks! I would be afraid of pulling a muscle or two. Push ups with his legs off the ground,pulling himself up and down a rope with his arm behind his back! Incredible.

2 minutes 54 seconds

The Rock Skipper

10 seconds
Russell Byars made this amazing throw July 19th. They estimated his stone traveled about 250 feet (76 meters).
Before declaring him a record holder, Guinness World Records experts analyzed the footage of Byars spectacular toss again and again. Checking the concentric circles in the water to make sure and count every skip.
Byars told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper"I actually threw 40 stones that day, but that was the first skip that I threw".

Another soon to be rock skipping specialist.

The Snake Robot

At CMU these guys are working on this snake robot which could have many uses. Besides surgery I thought squirming through ruble to find people that are trapped was impressive. The fact that it can swim and climb a pole is amazing too.

2 minutes 24 seconds

The Bird That Fishes

The bird lures fishes in with bread. Very intelligent.

1 minute 17 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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