No one is injured!!!
It's great how the crane operator survives?

1 minute 30 sec

The Samurai Sword Vs. the 9mm bullet.

2 minutes 15 sec

Just goes to show you how strong and sharp the Samurai really is...

I wonder how long it took them to make this?
Impressive animation with music.

Animusic "Pipe Dream"

3 minutes 25 sec

This video has guys jumping through hoops, on top of stacking chairs, and bending a steel rod around one guy's neck!
"The Peking Acrobats"

1 minute 2 sec

This next one is an illusion but I still kind of like it.

2 minutes 39 sec

Sand Sculptures This is Truly Amazing
It doesn't even look real?
How did they get that out of sand?

2 minutes 20 sec

More? Check out these Ice Sculptures

This guy or gal is amazingly lucky?
Whoever it is they go up pretty high!

only 25 sec

This is one way, to get rid of all the used explosive weapons?

1 minute 33 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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