I'm not very good at bowling so I thought this was great!

just 14 sec

Dan Dunn's patriotic performance in less than 3 minutes!

Very impressive...

With only two yoyos. This kid is very impressive. I personally have not seen better.

3 minutes 11 sec

Are you into Volcano's? Than here is a compilation video of amazing lava footage. Graphic Films?

23 minutes 10 sec

I thought this was a good video of balance.
You can go to metacafe here to see the video.
Dave S. sent me the video.
Thanks Dave I appreciate it.

Soda Double Can Trick Revealed - More amazing video clips are a click away
1 minute 20 sec

Some Amazing Amphibians and Reptiles

4 minutes

John Kanzius has some sort of frequency generator, that can produce a temperature high as 300% flame from salt water using hydrogen and oxygen. The real question is, can we use this as a substitute for fuel?

2 minutes 22 sec

Underwater hypnosis?

49 sec


Discovery launched at night 12-10-2006

3 minutes 4 sec

Octopus Escape

39 sec

Horrible Plane Accidents. Some live, some do not.

2 minutes 8 sec

6 Year Old Chung Hoo Ulf Wong
Solves rubik's cube in 37.89 sec!

51 sec

Real or Fake?

Stephen Wiltshire was thought to be autistic as a child. But after seeing this I'm sure he is not. He has an amazing ability to see things only once and then draw them almost exactly. After a 45 minute helicopter ride he draws Rome on a 16 foot wide panorama in a matter of three days!
(The volume seems to be low so turn it up if you'd like to hear)

5 minutes 17 sec

81 skydivers together in a diamond formation, to complete the "starburst". While other skydivers video different angles of them falling away from it.
A worlds record with 81 of them in the diamond shape falling in unison.

(I listened to different music than what is played on the video?)

1 minute 59 sec

In under 60 seconds this artist spray paints a spectacular picture!
Imagine if he got paid by the hour?

1 minute 17 sec

Three videos all less than a minute...

A Long Tongue!

50 sec

A Big Finger!

57 sec

And A Wide Tongue!

48 sec

I saw this in the newspaper yesterday and knew there must be a video on it.
Man in wheelchair stuck to the front of a semi truck, going at speeds of up to 50 mph!

40 sec

25 of the most interesting creatures from the sea(up till now of course). I've never seen anything quite like them before.

1 minute 13 sec

Chainsaw's with the right people behind them?

1 Minute 58 sec

This guy lives in a house made all from wood... He makes a lot of crazy stuff later on in the video. He is very good!
Apparently he is not a beginner?

Amazing Wood Carvings - Watch a funny movie here

2 Minutes 32 sec

No one is injured!!!
It's great how the crane operator survives?

1 minute 30 sec

The Samurai Sword Vs. the 9mm bullet.

2 minutes 15 sec

Just goes to show you how strong and sharp the Samurai really is...

I wonder how long it took them to make this?
Impressive animation with music.

Animusic "Pipe Dream"

3 minutes 25 sec

This video has guys jumping through hoops, on top of stacking chairs, and bending a steel rod around one guy's neck!
"The Peking Acrobats"

1 minute 2 sec

This next one is an illusion but I still kind of like it.

2 minutes 39 sec

Sand Sculptures This is Truly Amazing
It doesn't even look real?
How did they get that out of sand?

2 minutes 20 sec

More? Check out these Ice Sculptures

This guy or gal is amazingly lucky?
Whoever it is they go up pretty high!

only 25 sec

This is one way, to get rid of all the used explosive weapons?

1 minute 33 sec

I've got to say it? Amazing recovery!
I thought this guy would go down for sure.

Only 12 seconds

Thanks #1Greenthumb
His blogs are worth checking out believe me.
He found this one for me.

Here are two great drivers, that are pretty good I thought.
A lot of trust involved between them.

1 minute 31 sec

Car's doing different things.
Kind of funny!

1 minute 38 sec

Maybe you want to see something different?

Great footage of Hurricane Katrina. From a hotel in Mississippi.

2 minutes 35 sec

Buy the DVD "Battle at the Beachfront"

From the Japanese show Ninja Warrior.(On the G4 channel if you have cable) Magoto Nagano a 34 year old fisherman is the second to complete this obsticle course. Over 500 have tried and failed.

9 minutes 3 secYou might like this?
"Talk About Cutting It Close" or "Unbelievable Ice Sculptures"

Teaspoon Slide Guitar

Watch as this guy plays the guitar and uses the teaspoon as a slide with his mouth...

Talk About Cutting It Close!

48 sec

I don't know if I would have the nerve to stand still?

Eric Mongrain
You can buy his music with the link above!

2 minutes 50 sec

If you like this then go to Let the credits roll...


One more UFO video.
A cylinder type object moving at an unbelievable speed.

1 Minute 31 sec

Do you believe

Do you believe in alien lifeforms?

2 minutes 37 sec

Here is another video about the same story...

24 sec

If you havn't seen these then you'll like this post.
Great graphics I assume...

3 minutes 11 sec

"Russian Climbing" is how I found it.

8 minutes 24 sec
I think it's worth your time.
It happened over a decade ago?
Dated Nov.9 1996
Compliments of Google Video...

These Are Really Amazing Pool Tricks

It's over 9 minutes long but worth it.

Weird Faces

This guy can lick his eye!

47 sec

Gordian worms live inside crickets for long periods of time, feeding on the cricket's diet. Once fully grown, they inject chemicals into the cricket's brain, brainwashing it and forcing it to kill itself by jumping into the water. Once in water, the worm wriggles out of the writhing body and swims off in search of a mate. Article published in April 2006 Nature magazine.
Crazy how long that worm is?

33 sec

This is either war of the ants or ants moving in unison.

17 sec

This video is only a few seconds long, but the guy does a double front flip off the wall. Very impressive.

Very Detailed Ice Sculptures

2 minutes 1 sec

Staged Airplane Demonstration

13 sec

Bird That Fishes!

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