Coming Back To Life

In Redford Michigan owner comes home from work to find his dog alive after being put to sleep.

1 minute 20 seconds


These guys and girl do some amazing stunts and tricks.

4 minutes 18 seconds

Shallow Dive

A 35 foot 9 inch drop, this guy from Denver ("Professor Splash" or Darren Taylor) dives into a foot of water breaking his previous record!

1 minute 34 seconds
Granted he dives into a padded kiddie pool but I still thought it was crazy.

Crazy Unicyclist

1 minute 37 seconds
I thought this guy was pretty good but then he rides along the edge of that road. This dude is crazy good!

Amazing Table Saw Leaves You Unscathed

Are you worried like me that you may cut your finger off or worse cut off your hand while using a table saw? Well thank God for technology because they finally made a table saw that knows the difference between wood and flesh. Truly incredible!

5 minutes 6 seconds

Amazing 3 Year Old Artist

Introducing Zach. Only 3 years old and can finger paint better than anyone I've seen.

2 minutes 4 seconds
Who would of thought, he may have a future in finger painting!

The Human Jump Rope

This is both entertaining and inventive. A must see!

14 seconds
It actually made me laugh the first time I saw it. The person who shot the video stated "Some break dancers in front of the New York Public Library. The police showed up a few minutes later and chased them away :(".

Under Water Driving

There are easier ways to get your car washed.

1 minute 26 seconds

Acrobatic Feats

These girls are amazing the way they bend and the strength, it is incredible to me. I could barely do a couple hand springs but that was when I was a little younger and more in shape.

5 minutes 53 seconds

Master Of The Tape Measure

This construction worker has entirely too much time on his hands as he shows off his skills with the tape measure.

28 seconds
Do you think this video is real or fake?

Sighting Above Norway

This truly is phenomenal. I have no clue right now as to what these images and videos may be? I guess it happened on December 9th 2009 8:00 AM.

37 seconds
More footage

5 minutes 13 seconds
Norwegian authorities are investigating these strange lights trying to figure out exactly what these strange images and video are. The spiraling white light was seen for several minutes on Wednesday morning. Locals say the light appeared to be bigger than the moon. Thousands of Norwegians bombarded the Meteorological Institute to ask what the light could possibly be? Some feared it could have been a meteor, others a black hole and there were those who thought it could have been aliens. But defense experts in Olso suggest its more likely to have been a failed Russian missile launch from the area of the White Sea. They think a rocket probably got out of control and self destructed. Which I think is a cover up. There's been no official comment from the Russian Military of course.

Shark Vs. Octopus

2 minutes 24 seconds
I was surprised to learn that an octopus, can dominate over a shark!
Have you ever seen the inside of an Octopuses mouth? Vicious and nasty slowly pulling its prey in.
Most octopuses have no internal or external skeleton allowing them to squeeze through very tight places. Octopuses are highly intelligent, one of the most intelligent of all invertebrates.

Basketball Skills

This guy either has too much time on his hands, or hes just a natural with a basketball. Maybe he is practicing to be one of the next Harlem Globetrotters.

2 minutes 2 seconds
Hes probably awesome with a hacky sack!

Laser Light Show

Jason Latimer a world champion in magic shows off his skills doing the unimaginable with a laser. I was impressed to say the least.

2 minutes 57 seconds

5,000 Pigeons

During a contest a few years back these guys somehow managed to fit 5,000 pigeons into this vehicle and then release them.

1 minute 5 seconds

Parallel Parking Between Two Trees

It doesn't seem possible I think they used some sort of equipment to get the car in between those trees. But on the other hand if he really did parallel park like that then it truly is amazing!

1 minute 5 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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