Talented Bartender

This is the kind of bartender I want!

Amazing Hammer Trick!

I wonder how long it took him to practice this trick? I have to admit though I'm really impressed!

52 seconds

Balancing 10 Bottles On Her Head And A Dance To Go With It

Dirt Bike Water Ride

Motorcross madness across water. The speed and the velocity to skip atop the pond like that is awesome.

13 seconds

Comendable Heroics

1 minute 31 seconds
I guess there are pictures of this heroic man and the woman who got rushed under water. Although it looks as if they had no chance. Somehow they miraculously survived this flood.

Extreme 4x4

This guy doesn't give up as he tries to make it up these rocks in a 4x4.

14 seconds

Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman

You won't believe the sounds that come out of these two. I thought the beginning was awesome but the whole video turned out to be good.
These lads are in London apparently beatboxin for some Google office workers there.
Only the best for Google employees.
About 8.5 minutes into the video Beardyman sounded great. Although I have to admit again I liked the entire video.

18 minutes 3 seconds

Dolphins Blow Rings and A Walrus Plays a Swiss Horn

These talented Dolphins blow rings!

1 minute 6 seconds

In this Japanese aquarium three Beluga Whales sing. There is also a walrus that sits up and plays a Swiss Horn!

4 minutes 20 seconds

Bird That Fishes!

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