Sailing Stones

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Geological phenomenon where rocks move in long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention.

Geologists Jim McAllister and Allen Agnew made note of tracks in 1948 and that is when the speculation began. Is it wind,ice,or even mud? Some say not likely because a lot of the rocks are far too heavy, weighing anywhere up to 700 plus pounds or more(about 320 kg).
Bob Sharp and Dwight Carey started a monitoring program in May 1972. Thirty stones in all with fresh tracks were labeled and stakes were used to mark their locations.

Personally I think it has something to do with the Earth's gravitational pull or some kind of magnetic reaction. Either way it is still a mystery...

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redwinging said...

Cool stuff, maybe its the aliens that are teleporting through the larger gravitational plains. Just a thought.

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