Sighting Above Norway

This truly is phenomenal. I have no clue right now as to what these images and videos may be? I guess it happened on December 9th 2009 8:00 AM.

37 seconds
More footage

5 minutes 13 seconds
Norwegian authorities are investigating these strange lights trying to figure out exactly what these strange images and video are. The spiraling white light was seen for several minutes on Wednesday morning. Locals say the light appeared to be bigger than the moon. Thousands of Norwegians bombarded the Meteorological Institute to ask what the light could possibly be? Some feared it could have been a meteor, others a black hole and there were those who thought it could have been aliens. But defense experts in Olso suggest its more likely to have been a failed Russian missile launch from the area of the White Sea. They think a rocket probably got out of control and self destructed. Which I think is a cover up. There's been no official comment from the Russian Military of course.

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